Exterior greenery - P1030313

Even if you’re not planning on selling your home any time soon, refreshing its exterior can feel almost as good as a holiday and a joy to return home to each day.

A fresh coat of paint in the perfect shade, a great front door, a winding path or a renovated verandah, can all do wonders for both you and your surrounding neighbourhood.

When considering an exterior makeover, you’ll need to make sure you take into account;

  • the age and era of the house to ensure your makeover is sympathetic to the its original style and place
  • the building materials – ensuring they’re in keeping so that the ‘new’ blends with the ‘old’ for a for a more consistent or complementary look
  • how much weather your painted surfaces are likely to get – to ensure your finish stays looking good for as long as possible.
  • the surrounding neighbourhood
  • local Council regulations

If you’re considering making over the exterior of your home, why not let Margot make the project quicker, easier and a better reflection of you and your family. Call Which Hue today on 0402 855 299 or drop us a note.